The latest updates from the development research community in Sweden

A researcher perspective on COP26: Stephen Woroniecki

The COP26 is over – but what are the outcomes and how do they effect the Global South?

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What lessons should Sweden draw from its engagements in Afghanistan?

Adam Pain: Sweden’s engagements in Afghanistan have shown poor results.

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A researcher perspective on COP26: Aysem Mert

COP26 is over – but what are the outcomes and how do they effect the Global South?

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New SweDev study offers recommendations on how to increase the use of research in policy-making

Practitioners and policymakers want to use research in their work, but find research difficult to find, understand and implement. Lack of time is seen as the main limiting factor.

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SweDev introduces an overview of grants for development researchers

This summary of funding opportunities supports SweDev’s growing research community.

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State building in Afghanistan: what have we learned?

SweDev talked with Helene Lackenbauer to discuss the results of Swedish development work in Afghanistan.

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The use of research in practice: experiences and lessons learned from the Nordics

The development sector in the Nordics is increasingly committed to strengthening the interaction between researchers and practitioners. However, obstacles still exist. The Nordic development research associations all describe a similar challenge: the development research community is fragmented and dispersed.

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Reimagining development thinking

Development thinking is in a state of flux. Researchers in Sweden discuss its implications and alternatives.

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Swedish Research Council development research grant 2020: Meet Joakim Öjendal and Susanna Alexius & Janet Vähämäki

Learn more about five projects awarded the Swedish Research Council’s development research grant 2020.

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