Institutional support membership

To further mobilize and strengthen the Swedish development research community, we are seeking support from institutional members across all disciplines. All institutional support members are offered to be represented in SweDev’s steering committee that governs the network and guides its activities.

Benefits to your institution

By becoming an institutional member, you directly contribute to building a stronger and more well-connected development research community in Sweden. Your support enables us to arrange seminars, conferences and working groups that increase the possibilities for collaboration between researchers as well as between researchers and practitioners.

Institutional support members are offered to have a representative in SweDev’s steering committee that governs the network and guides its activities.

SweDev serves as an information and networking hub, and institutional support members are encouraged to contribute to sharing news, information and opportunities through SweDev’s website and other information channels. They are also invited to be members of the different working groups (advocacy, education and PhD education) and SweDev’s other activities.

How to become an institutional support member

The annual support membership fee is SEK 5,000. We also accept SEK 10,000 from larger academic environments.

1: Bank transfer

  • Send a bank transfer to account 5614-7192 (Bankgiro), the Stockholm Environment Institute.
  • Mark the payment with reference number (OCR number) 10028601.
  • Send an email to when you have paid the contribution. Once we have received your payment, your institution will feature on SweDev’s website.

2: Invoice