Steering Committee

The SweDev Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic development of the network, the SweDev work plan as well as reporting results to our financiers. The Steering Committee consists of representatives from a variety of Swedish development research environments. One seat is reserved to a member of the organising committee of the forthcoming DevRes conference, and one seat is reserved to a PhD student in development studies. The committee elects a Chair amongst its members. 

Steering Committee members

Fredrik Söderbaum (Chair)
University of Gothenburg – School of Global Studies
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Bengt Ove Turesson
International Science Programme (ISP)
Birgitta Schwartz
Stockholm University – Stockholm Business School
Emma Elfversson
Uppsala University – Department of Government
Cecilia Strand
Uppsala University – Department of Informatics and Media
Elisabeth Olivius
Umeå University – Department of Political Science
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Henning Melber
Nordic Africa Institute
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Jesper Sundewall
Lund University – Department of Social Medicine and Global Health
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Jonas Ewald
Linnaeus University – Department of Social Studies
Katarina Börling
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – SLU Global
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Linda Engström
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – Department of Urban and Rural Development
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Mats Björk
Stockholm University – Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
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Muriel Côte
Lund University – Department of Human Geography
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Rickard Lalander
Södertörn University – The School of Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies
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Tanya Andersson Nystedt
Lund University – PhD Representative
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Veronica Brodén Gyberg
Linköping University – The Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research
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Janet Vähämäki (Ex officio member)
Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) – Development & Aid Policy team
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Executive Committee members

Fredrik Söderbaum, chair

Jesper Sundewall, vice-chair

Elisabeth Olivius, vice-chair

Linda Engström

Veronica Brodén Gyberg

Janet Vähämäki, SweDev Secretariat

Alice Tunfjord, SweDev Secretariat