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The main gate of the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Change Conference (COP 27)

End of COP27 – fund for “Loss and Damage”

At COP27, countries agreed on a global fund for "loss and damage" that will provide financial...

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Stockholm, Sweden, street

Sweden’s Development Policy since 1990: A policy paradigm shift waiting to happen?

Jan Pettersson at EBA published an article analyzing the history of Swedish Development Aid policy...

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sunset, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

COP27 – Launch of the Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda

COP27 President and High-Level Champions called on all State and non-State actors to get behind...

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The Democratic Republic of the Congo Flag

Child mortality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Worldwide, child mortality has fallen by more than half since 1990, however, five million children...

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trash, beach, plastic

How Africa wants to strengthen efforts to protect the environment

At the 18th meeting of AMCEN, African environment ministers pledged to end plastic pollution, stop...

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hosiptal, corridor

First Covid, now monkeypox – India’s role is key in the scramble for jabs

What is monkeypox and what challenges does it pose to India? Read this article to find out...

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hands, food, wheat

‘There’s a path towards death that people travel’: how hunger destroys lives and communities

In the face of record malnutrition, Isabel Choat's article in The Guardian emphasises the urgent...

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Our bright digital lives: some critical thoughts

Basile Boulay's critical view of political economy in relation to electronic...

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market, food, fruits, vegetables

How the war is changing agriculture in Ukraine

The main change in Ukraine's agricultural system is a decline in wheat harvest and increased local...

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