Development news

Self-interest: the strongest driving force of aid work

Review of the book "A dizzy task: Sweden and aid 1945-1975" by David Nilsson....

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Climate change

Climate change: why government failure to act isn’t the problem

This article was first published by The Conversation.  Nick Bernards, Associate Professor of...

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Afghanistan: western powers must accept defeat and deal realistically with the Taliban

This article was first published by The Conversation.  Sten Rynning, Professor of International...

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How online conferences can contribute to social justice: lessons from organizing the EADI ISS Conference 2021

Online conferences may offer more conclusion - and social justice. read about experiences from the...

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Africa does not have a homogenous, progressive and fast growing middle class

For more than a decade, there has been much talk of middle classes in the global south –...

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Critical reflexivity in political ecology research

A newly published paper uncovers aspects of research unveiled by the global...

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Empowering African Universities to have an impact

This article was first published as part of the EADI/ISS Blog Series in preparation for the 2020...

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COVID-19 pandemic highlights urgent need to scale up investment in lifelong learning for all, says OECD

Countries must step up their efforts to enable people to continue learning in a changing world of...

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On coloniality/decoloniality in knowledge production and societies

SweDev Steering Committee member Henning Melber writes about colonial power structures and the...

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