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Our bright digital lives: some critical thoughts

Basile Boulay's critical view of political economy in relation to electronic...

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How the war is changing agriculture in Ukraine

The main change in Ukraine's agricultural system is a decline in wheat harvest and increased local...

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What is development studies?

Read the latest EADI paper by Professor Andy...

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Achieving more sustainable value chains are crucial for preventing deforestation and biodiversity loss

LUCSUS researchers Barbara Schröter and Torsten Krause study sustainable value chains in...

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Crops are essential for our survival.

The war risks increasing world hunger

Madeleine Fogde comments on the effects of the war in Ukraine on food security, prices and hunger...

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Caring in a changing climate: Centering care work in climate action

Visit more than 5,000 free access resources!...

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Ukraine war shocks food delivery says WFP

Read Devex's reports highlighting World Food Programme concerns about the Ukraine war related...

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Livestock dies in droves while Somalia is running out of water, says Devex News

Somalia is experiencing one of the worst droughts in the country’s recent history. Read Sara...

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Makati, Manila.

New report: Understanding the role of development finance institutions (DFI)

Understanding the role of development finance institutions in promoting development An assessment...

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