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Podcast from Uppsala University: Researching peace

“How can peace research play a role in the developments in international relations and...

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SLU Climate Conversations: Ways forward for land use and climate change

SLU Climate Conversations discuss the sixth assessment report by the UN Climate Panel...

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Humanitarians look for COP26 to deliver on existing climate crisis needs

This article was first published in The New Humanitarian.  “As global leaders creatively...

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Globalize the disciplines! Decolonize development studies!

This article was first published in by the Danish Development Research Network. “What is left...

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Better support for local communities can boost reforestation efforts in Ethiopia

This article was first published by Forest News.  “Tree planting in Ethiopia presents...

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Afghanistan: The humanitarian system risks repeating its mistakes

This article was first published by The New Humanitarian.  “Will the international humanitarian...

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Rethinking humanitarian reform: what will it take to truly change the system?

Researchers Patrick Saez, Jeremy Konyndyk and Rose Worden describe the results of their research...

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Energy world population

How much energy do we need to achieve a decent life for all?

How will humanity cope with providing energy for the world population while meeting the climate...

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England brexit effects

‘New winter of discontent could be hard to avoid’: economic expert on the crises facing Britain

Is Britain moving towards a similar economic crisis as in the 1970s? In the aftermath of Brexit,...

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