SweDev presents awarded grants from the Swedish Research Council 

March 4, 2022

Meet Raine Isaksson at Uppsala University and Linda Engström at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Library Library. Photo: Patrik Göthe / Unsplash

The Swedish Research Council recently announced the awarded grants within development research applied for in 2021. Out of 248 applications, 59 were approved grants, distributed across several research centres, Swedish universities, and various thematic areas.   

In this SweDev’s article series, we interview awarded researchers to learn more about their research contributing to the 2030 Agenda.

Raine Isaksson, Senior Lecturer (Docent) at Uppsala University will study affordable and low carbon building in Sub Saharan Africa.

Raine Isaksson, Uppsala University.

Q: Briefly describe your research project. Why do you think the Swedish Research Council picked your project to be funded?

A: The project “Low-cost construction with a low carbon footprint in sub-Saharan Africa” follows my 10 years working background in Africa and my expertise developed within cement manufacturing and in low-cost building material production. The project is related to several issues of sustainable development and concerns both climate and poverty aspects.

Q: Why are the research contributions you hope to make important?   
A: Hopefully, the research results will be put into practice within a reasonable period of time to lower the prices of building materials and reduce the environmental footprint.  

Q: SweDev aims to increase the interaction between development researchers and practitioners. How can practitioners working with sustainable development use the outcomes of your research?   

A: It’s hard to say. For those working in the field, the results may be an indication that research is needed in technology-poor areas that can help poor people. In general, the project also exemplifies Action Research and Innovation Action Research.


At the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), SweDev Steering Committee member and Researcher Linda Engström explores how cancelled land deals affect smallholder farmers’ land access and livelihoods in Eastern Africa.

Written by Alessandro Giacardi, Communication and Research Intern at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) for the Development and Aid Policy Team and SweDev.