Nairobi National park, Africa.
June 27, 2022

Gambling on Development

Professor Stefan Dercon gave a keynote speech on his latest book, Gambling on Development, during the SEI and SweDev dialogues held on 8 June.

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UNEP Director Inger Andersen.
June 21, 2022

UN Environment Director: “We do not have the time to waste”

Science has an important role to play in the transition to a sustainable society. But, decision-makers have to act more quickly.

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Summer valley.
April 25, 2022

DevRes 2022 – Transforming Development Research for Sustainability

Join the Development Research Conference (DevRes) on August 22-24

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What is development studies?

Read the latest EADI paper by Professor Andy...

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Achieving more sustainable value chains are crucial for preventing deforestation and biodiversity loss

LUCSUS researchers Barbara Schröter and Torsten Krause study sustainable value chains in...

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Crops are essential for our survival.

The war risks increasing world hunger

Madeleine Fogde comments on the effects of the war in Ukraine on food security, prices and hunger...

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