Raine Isaksson

Institute: Uppsala University, Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering
Other affiliation: Luleå University of Technology
Research area: Environment and climate change, Higher education, Natural resource management, Urban development / City planning
Research region: Africa
Open to collaboration with: All


I am a half academic and half practitioner after 20 years in business and 20 years in Academia.

Research and education: I have a Master in Chemical and Process Engineering, a PhD in Quality Management and have a docent degree in Industrial Management. I have done the basics in Development Research and Business Administration with 30 ECTS in each. My researach is on how to improve. My PhD thesis from 2004 is called Total Quality Management for Sustainable Development. I have worked with a process based system model for sensemaking in systems of different complexity. Empirically work has been focused on sustainable building materials, particularly in the context of Sub Saharan Africa where I have worked over a period of 10 yers with building block sustainability. I currently work with contacts in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania with networking grants that I have from FORMAS and VR.

Practice. As engineer I have worked with mainly cement production as process engineer, quality manager, production manager and consultant. About 10 years of my working practice has been carried out in Sub Saharan Africa, notably in Angola, Benin, Congo Brazzaville and Tanzania.

I am Senior lecturer/Asssociate Professor at UU/LTU and lecture about sustainable organisational development and how Quality Management can be used for Sustainable Development.

Professional experience

20 year(s) - University lecturing starting 1993 in Quality Management. Permanently employed since 2002 as lecturer and later senior lecturer
Main supervisor of PhD
18 year(s) - Assisting supervisor to three PhD students that have been graduated. Main supervisor for two ongoing PhD students.

Other experience

Collaboration with private sector
40 year(s) - Professional experience as engineer. Industrial PhD studies and continued industry contacts while working as Senior Lecturer
Consultancy contracts
A total of a few years extended over a period of 20 years year(s) - Cement Process Technical Consltant. Quality and cement process technology education. Cement expert for Certification Organisation.