New members appointed to the SweDev Steering Committee

February 21, 2022

Three new members have been appointed to the SweDev Steering Committee and a new Executive Committee has been formed.

Board room, illustrating SweDev Steering Committee Board room, illustrating SweDev Steering Committee. Credit: Damir Kopezhanov / Unsplash.

Three new members have been appointed to the SweDev Steering Committee and a new Executive Committee has been formed at a committee meeting held in February. 

SweDev’s chair Fredrik Söderbaum warmly welcomes Muriel Côte at Lund University, Katarina Börling and Linda Engström, both at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, to the SweDev Steering Committee. Fredrik also welcomes Elisabeth Olivius at Umeå University and Jesper Sundewall at Lund University as appointed vice-chairs of the new Executive Committee. 

Representatives from all institutional members

The SweDev Steering Committee now consist of 15 members from universities and research organisations based in Sweden. 

Linda Engström holds a PhD in Rural Development and replaces Flora Hajdu as representative from the Department of Rural and Urban Development at SLU. With Katarina Börling, Research Officer at the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at SLU Global, and Muriel Côte, Associated Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies of LUMID, joining the committee, all SweDev institutional members are now represented. 

New Executive Committee of SweDev  

A new Executive Committee within the Steering Committe was formed during the same meeting, with Elisabeth Olivius, Associate Professor in political science, as a new vice-chair. The Executive Committee now consists of: 

  • Fredrik Söderbaum, SweDev chair, University of Gothenburg 
  • Jesper Sundewall, vice-chair, Lund University 
  • Elisabeth Olivius, vice-chair, Umeå University 
  • Janet Vähämäki, SweDev secretariat, Stockholm Environment Institute  
  • Alice Castensson, SweDev secretariat, Stockholm Environment Institute 

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About the SweDev Steering Committee  

The SweDev Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic development of the network, the SweDev work plan and for reporting results to our financiers. SweDev’s Steering Committee consists of representatives from a variety of Swedish development research environments. One seat is reserved to a member of the organising committee of the forthcoming DevRes conference, and one seat is reserved to a PhD student in development studies. The committee elects a Chair amongst its members. 


News text written by Ylva Rylander, Communications Officer at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) for SweDev, and Alice Castensson, SEI Research Associate and member of the SweDev Executive Committee.