The 15th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference is accepting abstracts for workshop papers

November 22, 2021

The School of Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg is arranging the 15th NESS Conference the 7-9 June 2022, on emergency and transformation. They are currently accepting abstracts for upcoming workshops.

Photo: Unsplash / Jason Blackeye

Deadline: 15 December

If global environmental changes, including climate change, have taken decades to build up to an emergency, last year saw the almost instantaneous spread of a fatal virus that in a matter of weeks pushed global society into a humanitarian crisis, and soon also into a deep economic crisis. The 15th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference (NESS), hosted by the School of Global Studies, will be a chance for environmental social scholars to meet and discuss where the crises have brought us:

  • What are the urgent contributions of environmental social science to these emergencies?
  • Is the crisis an opportunity for accelerating since long necessary green transformations or a moment for patience, where resources should be directed toward the most urgent needs?
  • Either or – what are the lessons learned by the Covid-19 crisis for a green transformation? Is the ‘strong society’ now back on the arena after decades of liberalizations, marketizations, and ‘just in time’?
  • What are, then, the implications for democracy, governance, economic policies, and public discourses?

While the interconnectedness of emergency and transformation will gain special attention during the conference, we welcome contributions in areas related, but not restricted, to climate change, biodiversity, food, water, energy, natural resource extraction, bio-economy, rural and urban sustainability, and conservation. The conference workshops will cover various aspects of environmental social science, from the local to the global, from empirical papers over policy-relevant papers to conceptual and theoretical contributions. As is the tradition of NESS, the workshops are at the center of the conference, with plenty of time devoted to presentation and discussion of submitted papers.

NESS workshops

Select the workshop that interest you and submit your abstract of up to 300 words to all the workshop chairs no later than December 15, 2021. Read about the workshop format in the specific workshop call. Chairs will respond to questions which relate to the workshop theme. For questions of a general nature (i.e. not workshop specific) they should be directed to  See all workshop themes by following the link bellow.