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Doctoral student in forest management at SLU

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This job opportunity is posted by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The Department of Forest Resource Management is looking for a doctoral student in forest management with a focus on global forest resources.


10 October 2022.

Main responsibilities 

The task for the doctoral student involves studying the development of the global forest resources with the support of modern inventory techniques that combine different types of remote sensing with field inventory. The studies will shed light on the developments of forests in different parts of the world, making comparisons with the developments in Sweden and Europe, and analyse similarities and differences between regions from different perspectives, including the contribution of forests to mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration. An important part of the work involves contributing to the development of quality-assured methods for large-area forest monitoring.


The position involves a 4 year full-time employment as a doctoral student in Umeå, Sweden. The start date is by agreement, tentatively in late autumn 2022 or early spring 2023.

Department of Forest Resource Management

The Department of Forest Resource Management conducts education and research in the areas of forest planning, forest remote sensing, forest inventory and sampling, forest mathematical statistics, and landscape studies. The department is also responsible for the implementation of environmental monitoring programs: the National Forest Inventory, the National Forest Damage Inventory, National inventories of the landscape in Sweden, Terrestrial habitat monitoring, and the Butterfly and bumblebee inventory. The activities combine research and environmental monitoring in cross-disciplinary projects, which provide unique opportunities to develop holistic concepts for the sustainable use of natural resources.

Work-in-Progress Workshop Series

Get the chance to be a part of a scholarly network, where you both provide and receive feedback on research in progress within the governance and local development fields! 

The Program on Governance and Local Development (GLD) Work-in-Progress Virtual Workshop Series is designed to help scholars with ongoing papers or projects by providing feedback, suggestions, and advice during a one-hour-long workshop. You are, of course, encouraged to attend the other workshops to reciprocate the helpful feedback.


10 June 2022.


Your application must align with the GLD mission. Only applications in English will be accepted. Contact ">GLD if you have any questions.  

About GLD

GLD is a research program based at the University of Gothenburg, originally founded in 2013 at Yale University by Program Director, Professor Ellen Lust. GLD focuses on the local factors driving governance and development. The program is dedicated to international collaboration and scientifically rigorous, policy-relevant research in an effort to promote human welfare globally. Program findings are made available to the international and domestic communities through academic publications, policy briefs, public presentations, and social media, as well as on-the-ground workshops in cooperation with local partners.

PhD positions in Human Geography at Lund University

The Department of Human Geography at Lund University has announced 1-3 doctoral studentships. Applications from critical/radical geographers are very welcome!

Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Lund University is one of the leading education and research institutions in Sweden and operates both in Lund and Helsingborg. The Department of Human Geography with about 55 employees, 400 full-time students and approximately 25 PhD students combines tradition with modern and highly internationalized research and education. For decades, the department has been very successful in the competition for external research funding. In addition to being embedded in numerous national and international research networks, the Department of Human geography has close ties with a broad spectrum of departments and faculties at Lund University. The key areas of research and teaching at the department are economic geography, development geography, urban, landscape and social geography, and GIS. The department has a Human Ecology Division (with a doctoral program of its own). The strong research orientation is reflected in education.

About the PhD programme

The doctoral candidate programme amounts to 240 credits (equivalent to four years of full-time study). It formally ends with the doctoral candidate publicly defending his/her printed doctoral thesis. The holder of a doctoral position has a primary obligation to successfully fulfil the third cycle of education ending with a PhD degree.

The holder of a doctoral position is expected to participate actively in the research and teaching environment of the department and may have to perform departmental duties, above all teaching, amounting to about 20 per cent of full time.

The holder of the position should direct research to the fields of human geography, preferably connected to ongoing research activities at the department (for further information see: https://www.keg.lu.se/en/research).

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for third-cycle studies an applicant must

  • Have been awarded a second-cycle degree
  • Have completed studies the equivalent of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 credits are at the second cycle level, or
  • Have acquired comparable qualifications in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

In addition to the requirements described above the specific entry requirements for the PhD program in Human Geography is a Master’s degree in Human Geography, or other relevant discipline. The applicant must also have proficiency in spoken and written English corresponding to English B from Swedish upper secondary school.