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Corruption in academic research

Corruption in academic research is a global problem with grave implications for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. It manifests itself in for example conflicts of interest, lack of academic integrity, bribery, favoritism, nepotism, embezzlement, fraud, sextortion, and the political interference with research agendas and university administrations. In short, corruption in academic research is a societal ill that universities globally must actively manage and prevent.


The purpose of this course is to strengthen the capacity to recognise, understand, and manage corruption and other forms of misconduct in academic research. As such, the course provides knowledge of the risks, manifestations, and negative effects of corruption in academic research,  with a focus also on the ways in which corruption negatively impacts the life, opportunities and career of the individual researcher. The course moreover provides insights about approaches that can help manage and prevent corruption in research.

Target group

Researchers and other relevant staff at Swedish academic institutions involved in Swedish development cooperation, as well as their international partners. If you are working for a non-Swedish organisation you need to be recommended by your Swedish partner organisation. The training is not targeted at private individuals.


The course will take place online through the digital platform Zoom.