Studies within thematic areas prioritised by the EBA

April 21, 2022

Call for project proposals.

Turbid waters spill out into the Gulf of Mexico. Turbid waters spill out into the Gulf of Mexico. Photo: USGS /Unsplash

Deadline: May 22, 2022

The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) has decided to allocate funds for studies within any of its prioritised areas (poverty and its drivers; environment and climate; steering of Swedish aid). Funds are available for researchers active at institutions based in Sweden in order to conduct studies of direct relevance for the MFA, Sida and/or other Swedish development cooperation actors.

Background and motive

EBA works with a ”double independence” in the sense that the Expert Group independently decides what to analyse and evaluate, while commissioned authors and experts independently answer for conclusions and possible recommendations in published studies. To the EBA, it is essential to collaborate with knowledgable and competent authors, experts in their respective fields.

To increasingly use the resource base of researchers active at institutions in Sweden, the EBA allocates funds for studies specifically authored by researchers. EBA is not providing research grants in the way research foundations do, but finances specific studies of relevance for Swedish international aid. The current initiative aims at increasingly engage researchers in formulating proposals and conduct studies at the request of the Expert Group.

The choice of theme and research questions are left to the applicants. However, the proposal shall be included in any of the following themes:

• Poverty and its drivers
• Environment and climate
• Organising and steering of Swedish aid

The proposed studies shall focus on Swedish development aid and be relevant for the MFA, Sida and/or other actors in Sweden’s development cooperation. Applicants shall have documented expertise within the proposed field. Funding is allocated to separate studies, and not as additional funding to already financed research.

Application process, budget and timetable

The application is made in two separate steps. In a first round a project idea is briefly presented, with full author CVs annexed. Final day for project ideas is Sunday 22 May, 2022, at midnight.

A review committee invites short-listed applicants to provide a full application.

The costs of each study may not exceed SEK 700 000 (excluding VAT). The timing of the study may be freely decided, however to be relevant to Swedish development aid, it might be important to link the study to events or ongoing processes, which may impact on the timing.

About EBA

The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA) is a governmental committee with a mandate to analyse and evaluate Swedish international development aid. The EBA contributes knowledge to improve Swedish development cooperation and sheds light on current issues and themes which have not received enough attention. EBA also arranges seminars in areas of relevance for Swedish development cooperation.

Members of the Expert Group are: Helena Lindholm (chair), Johan Schaar (vice chair), Sara Johansson de Silva, Kim Forss, Torgny Holmgren, Magnus Lindell, Joakim Molander, Julia Schalk, Staffan Lindberg and Janet Vähämäki.