Moohammed Wasim Yahia

Institute: Architecture Engineering Department, University of Sharjah, UAE
Other affiliation: Housing Development & Management, Dept. Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University
Research area: Urban development / City planning
Research region: Global
Open to collaboration with: Media, Other researchers, Practitioners and policy makers


Moohammed Wasim Yahia, PhD, MRes, M.Arch. Has both practical and academic experience in the field of architecture urban design. Worked both in the public and private sector companies in architecture and urban planning and design for more than 18 years. Won many prizes in architectural and urban design. Was a postdoctoral research fellow at Housing Development and Management, Lund University. Expert in the field of urban microclimate, thermal comfort, urban design and planning. Has considerable experience in spatial analysis both at building and urban levels using skills in space syntax analysis. Has experience in leading interdisciplinary research team in the field of spatial planning. Has a PhD degree from Lund University (Sweden) 2014 in the field of microclimate and urban planning regulations. Conducted many considerable publications in international journals and conferences. Interested in the relationship between different components such as architecture design, urban design, planning, microclimate and spatial analysis aiming for reaching a level of sustainability and enhancing the quality of our societies.

Professional experience

Co-supervisor of PhD
3 year(s) -
12 year(s) -
PhD defence
Supervision of Master’s students
8 year(s) -
Supervision of Bachelor’s students
4 year(s) -

Other experience

Collaboration with government agencies
20 year(s) -
Collaboration with private sector
20 year(s) -
Consultancy contracts
15 year(s) -

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