Mike Jones

Institute: Swedish Biodiversity Centre, SLU, Ultuna
Other affiliation: IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management
Research area: Environment and climate change, Natural resource management, Other
Research region: Africa, Global
Open to collaboration with: Other researchers, Practitioners and policy makers

Professional experience

7 year(s) - I teach systems thinking for sustainable development and to some extent some of the associated competencies such as futures thinking, interpersonal skill development, and negotiating normative values. Most of this experience is in the co-leadership of the course on Society and Environment in the MSD program taught jointly by SLU and UU. I also lecture at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd levels on complex systems and the interactions between different aspects of SD in relation to natural resources, animal welfare, climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, and the human drivers of these changes.
Supervision of Master’s students

Other experience

Collaboration with civil society organisations
40 year(s) - Based in Zimbabwe and working on conservation and development in various forms inside protected areas as a member of the Zimbabwe Government and outside protected areas as a consultant to international development agencies and small non-profit organizations. Areas of specialization include applied ecology in savanna landscapes, development project and protected area management planning and implementation, tourism development, and impact assessment. Also 15 years of transatlantic engagement with mostly non-governmental US-based organizations interested in learning about the African experience of collaborative approaches to land and natural resource management.
Collaboration with government agencies
40 year(s) - 25 Years as a civil servant in Zimbabwe then (with a 5 year period of overlap) 25 years of engagement with environment and natural resources management agencies in different parts of Eastern and Southern Africa as a consultant to large development agencies. I also worked to some extent with US government agencies such as the Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs as an NGO member supporting civil society.
Consultancy contracts
10 year(s) - Independent contractor to large international development agencies such as NORAD, KfW, GIZ and IUCN mostly in relation to protected area management and integrated rural development projects in Malawi, Zambia, and Swaziland.
Lecturing and workshops
20 year(s) - Various capacity-building workshops in management and project planning for government and non-government organizations. Then in formal academic settings since 2014.

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