Martin Mickelsson

Institute: Department of Women's and Children's Health/ Uppsala University
Other affiliation: UGHRIS
Research area: Environment and climate change, Health, Learning
Research region: Africa
Open to collaboration with: Other researchers, Practitioners and policy makers


Martin Mickelsson completed his PhD in Curriculum Studies (Didaktik) at the Department of Education, Uppsala University. From March 2021, Martin is conducting the postdoctoral research project Living with microbial roommates: Health literacy capability in antimicrobial resistance education. His research explores the scaling of sustainability education and how Antimicrobial Resistance Education can enable the development of health literacy capabilities to address AMR challenges. Martin is part of a international research network that developed the reflective tool of Re-Solve, facilitating participatory research workshops in South Africa, Ecuador and Sweden.

Professional experience

PhD defence
Supervision of Master’s students
Supervision of Bachelor’s students

Other experience

Collaboration with civil society organisations
Lecturing and workshops

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