Maria Andrea Nardi

Institute: Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights
Other affiliation: Lund University
Research area: Agriculture rural development & food security, Environment and climate change, Health, Higher education, International development cooperation & coordination, Peace and inclusive societies, Renewable energy
Research region: Africa, Latin America, South America
Open to collaboration with: All


My research interests focus on environmental change and territorial transformations in rural areas of the Global South. My fields of studies in environmental and development geography brought me to pay attention to the conflictive dynamics between economic globalization, internal armed conflicts, unequal geographies of development and local livelihoods. Conservation and development, peace and conflict and human rights are central to my current research interest. I have many years of fieldwork experience in forest regions, particularly in South America. My last field study took place in the Congo River basin in Cameroon´s borderlands with Nigeria, and I am now planning fieldwork in Uganda.

In the interdisciplinary research I conduct from the Raoul Wallenberg Institute at Lund with research funds from FORMAS, I study the politics of environmental governance and peacebuilding in post-conflict Uganda and Colombia. I analyse the role of human rights policy, advocacy and scholarship, in advancing environmental protection and denouncing environmental injustices.

My PhD research was focused on agro-ecology as an alternative agriculture movement in Northern Argentina linking food production and political participation of small-scale farmers with claims over space. Development as social change and territorial and environmental transformations are interlinked dimensions central to my research.

My main teaching area is in qualitative research methods for human rights, public health and development.

Professional experience

Co-supervisor of PhD
Supervision of Master’s students
Supervision of Bachelor’s students

Other experience

Collaboration with government agencies
Mainly with Argentinean public sector in agriculture & rural development policy making

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