Kavya Michael, PhD

Institute: Chalmers University of Technology
Research area: Environment and climate change, Equitable economic growth, Gender equality, Migration, Natural resource management, Urban development / City planning, Women
Research region: Asia-Pacific, Global
Open to collaboration with: All


Kavya Michael is an environmental social scientist with expertise in analysing the ‘natural environment’ through a social science lens. Her research and professional experience broadly lie in examining global environmental change and energy-related issues through a human rights and justice lens. Within this domain, questions of class, caste, and gender have been central to her analysis. She also studies the multiple intersections of climate change/environmental hazards, urban inequality, informality, and inter and intra-regional migration with a special focus on the Global South. Her current work examines how the various structural elements of gendered injustices and the resultant forms of exclusion in different sectorial contexts, interact with the impacts of climate change as well as climate action and energy transitions across the globe.

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