Josepha Wessels

Institute: Malmö University
Research area: Conflict resolution, Culture, Democracy, human rights and freedom of speech, Environment and climate change, Immigration and emigration, International development cooperation & coordination, Media, journalism and digital spaces, Migration, Natural resource management, Peace and inclusive societies, Water resources
Research region: Africa, Middle East And Northern Africa (MENA)
Open to collaboration with: All


As an interdisciplinary academic scholar, I have a PhD in Development Studies and Human Geography (2008) and a MA in Cultural Anthropology with a specialisation in ethnographic film (1996). I am a Middle East and North Africa (MENA) specialist and professional documentary filmmaker with extensive research and fieldwork experience in the MENA region, in particular Syria and the Levant region, Sudan and the Palestinian Territories. My professional experience as academic and practitioner spans a total of more than 23 years. I have published in top quality academic journals and my films have been broadcast worldwide on BBC World and Al Jazeera English. I have extensive experience working with international institutions and NGOs. This capacity has given me the ability to play an advisory role in the areas of film & media, social activism & civil society, international development, conflict & transitional justice, natural resources governance, water challenges, foreign policy and environmental peacebuilding. Currently based in Sweden, I have lived and worked in Syria for five years and the UK, with professional travel and fieldwork experience in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Israel-Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Oman, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and the Caribbean (Haiti and Surinam).

Professional experience

Co-supervisor of PhD
PhD defence
Supervision of Master’s students
Supervision of Bachelor’s students

Other experience

Collaboration with government agencies
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