John Sören Pettersson

Institute: Karlstad University
Research area: Higher education
Research region: Africa
Open to collaboration with: Other researchers


ICT for Development, not the least mobile technology for development; see the international conference series M4D arranged with various universities around the world, in particular in Africa.

Another area is usable privacy, i.e. usability questions around privacy-enhancing technologies and accountability for cloud computing.

IT support for crisis management exercising. A special focus on the asynchronous question: how can exercises across organisational boundaries be facilitated with anywhere-anytime technology without killing the very essence of inter-organisational training exercises, namely mutually understanding and rapid interplay?

Methodological support within the area of Human-Computer Interaction. When the task is to find appropriate user interfaces for interactive systems yet on their planning stage, how should one go about to understand how users will understand a system?

Other experience

Collaboration with government agencies
Collaboration with private sector
Lecturing and workshops

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