PhD student

Jenny Iao-Jörgensen

Institute: Division of Risk Management & Societal Safety, Faculty of Engineering (LTH), Lund University
Other affiliation: Department of Human Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, Lund University
Research area: International development cooperation & coordination, Learning, Other
Research region: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe-Central Asia, Global
Open to collaboration with: Consultancy companies, Other researchers, Practitioners and policy makers

Professional experience

Since 2016 year(s) -
Supervision of Master’s students

Other experience

Collaboration with civil society organisations
20 year(s) -
Collaboration with government agencies
18 year(s) -
Consultancy contracts
10 year(s) -
10 year(s) -
Lecturing and workshops
15 year(s) -
Survey creation and analysis
5 year(s) -

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