Erling Strandberg

Institute: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Research area: Agriculture rural development & food security
Research region: Africa, Latin America
Open to collaboration with: Other researchers


I work with animal breeding and genetics, with some applications on breeding for improved productivity, fertility and health and on conservation of genetic resources. I have been working in projects in Kenya, Rwanda and Bolivia.

Professional experience

30 year(s) - Mainly in a MSc program in Rwanda
Main supervisor of PhD
25 year(s) - I have supervised 15 (11) PhD students as main supervisor (co-supervisor) and 2 (2) to licentiate degree. Currently I have 1 (5) PhD students.

Other experience

Statistical analysis
30 year(s) - We use quite a lot of statistics in animal breeding, e.g., mixed linear models etc.

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