Elisabeth Simelton

Institute: World Agroforestry (ICRAF)
Research area: Agriculture rural development & food security, Environment and climate change, Gender equality
Research region: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe-Central Asia
Open to collaboration with: Other researchers, Practitioners and policy makers



I am a Swedish geographer with a PhD from Göteborg University. Since 2010, I have been based as a climate change scientist at World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF) in Viet Nam working in research and development projects across Southeast Asia. 

My research interests include environmental sustainability issues related to farms, food, and the future. My current work covers people-centered solutions to ecosystem-based adaptation, agroclimate information services, and climate policy. Of course, based at ICRAF we can find an agroforestry solution to almost any environmental problem - one key issue is what farmers want and need. For this purpose, I do enjoy developing participatory tools to facilitate discussions and research with women and men farmers. 

Previously my work also involved various aspects of rural development in Russia, southern Africa, East Asia. Recently I was the co-editor of Multifunctional land uses in Africa – Sustainable food security solutions, published by Routledge (August 2019), and co-author of the report Agroforestry and tenure jointly published by FAO and ICRAF (2019).  

Through this network I am looking forward to a closer collaboration with colleagues in Sweden, and to expand the collaboration with Swedish development research through research collaboration and grant applications, MSc and PhD-student exchange, and other types of joint activities.  

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