Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues


Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues () is specialised in African Studies and currently works at the Nordic African Institute as Senior Researcher. She has a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary African Studies (2004) from the University Institute of Lisbon. Main research areas include urban anthropology and sociology, urban transformation, poverty and development, borders in Africa, mining, migration. Her research is mostly conducted in Angola but she has also been working in all other Portuguese speaking African countries. She has participated as a researcher and Principal Researcher in several collaborative projects. Currently, her projects are titled "Changing Urban to Rural movements in Angola and Mozambique"(2015-2019) and "The Practice and Politics of Urban Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Efforts at the Margins" (2018-2020). Most recent publications include "Climate change and DIY urbanism in Luanda and Maputo" (2019), "Private condominiums in Luanda" (2018), "Precarity in Angolan diamond mining towns, 1920-2014" (2018), "Changes to Urban Society in Angola" (2017), and "Angola's Urban Mining Settlements in the Aftermath of War" (2017).