Anna Treydte

Institute: Stockholm University
Other affiliation: Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology, Arusha, Tanzania
Research area: Agriculture rural development & food security, Environment and climate change, Forestry, Gender equality, Higher education, Natural resource management, Research and innovation
Research region: Africa, Europe-Central Asia, Global
Open to collaboration with: Media, Other researchers, Practitioners and policy makers


I have recently started my position here at the Department of Physcial Geography as an Associate Professor in Nature and Environmental Management, with a focus on Sustainable Development.

My scientific interest lies in biodiversity and conservation challenges in a human-impacted, changing world. My main research focus lies in assessing how climate change and human activities alter structural, species and functional biodiversity of flora and fauna in natural and agro-ecological systems. I investigate plant-animal interactions and animal population management, human-wildlife coexistence and livestock impacts on rangelands across the world. I am interested in the shifts in nutrient cycling, carbon stocks as well as plant and animal species diversity and invasiveness in landscapes of various human land use pressure (e.g., corridors, buffer zones, protected lands and cultivated lands) that are also facing weather extremes triggered by climate change. I include socio-ecological aspects in my research as sustainable human-wildlife coexistence can only be achieved when local stakeholders are informed and participate in the decision-making process on resource use. I strongly work with communities and the industry to implement the research results and make them sustainable on site.

My work is based in eastern and southern Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa) but also in Mongolia, Thailand, Germany, and Sweden. I am highly interested to connect to any Development-related agencies in Sweden and abroad and would love to get some applied research projects going on the ground that are demand-driven and provide innovative solutions to maintain our biodiversity and ecosystem services. 

Professional experience

Co-supervisor of PhD
10 year(s) -
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Main supervisor of PhD
10 year(s) -
PhD defence
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Supervision of Master’s students
10 year(s) -
Supervision of Bachelor’s students
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Other experience

Collaboration with civil society organisations
8 year(s) -
Collaboration with government agencies
7 year(s) -
Collaboration with private sector
7 year(s) -
Consultancy contracts
6 year(s) -
6 year(s) -
Lecturing and workshops
15 year(s) -
Statistical analysis
20 year(s) -
Survey creation and analysis
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