PhD student

Amalie Ravn Weinrich

Institute: Gothenburg University
Research area: International development cooperation & coordination, Migration
Research region: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Global
Open to collaboration with: All


PhD student in Peace and Development Research at the School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg.

On 21 April 2023 I will defend my compilation thesis titled 'Regional citizenship regimes: Comparing ECOWAS and ASEAN'. In the thesis I explore the emerging and developing citizenship regimes of ECOWAS and ASEAN, by conducting a comparative case study wherein I explore the institutional developments of rights, access to political participation, a sense of belonging, and the regional responsibility mixes of the two regimes. 

My main research areas are: citizenship studies; comparative regionalism; regional integration; ECOWAS; ASEAN

Other experience

Collaboration with civil society organisations
Lecturing and workshops

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