Postdoctoral research position at Nordic Africa Institute

June 13, 2022

Join NAI’s 3-year CGIAR-funded project ‘Building Systemic Resilience against Climate Variability and Extremes – ClimBeR’

Student Photo: Unsplash / LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

The job role is within a 3-year CGIAR-funded project (‘Building Systemic Resilience against Climate Variability and Extremes – ClimBeR) (2022-2024). The project covers six focal countries: Kenya, Zambia, Senegal, Morocco, Guatemala and the Philippines). The focus for the post-doctoral position is on social equity, gender and transformative change in food and agricultural systems within these country contexts. Brief information on the project is here: https://www.cgiar.org/research/publication/initiative-overview-climber-building-systemic-resilience-against-climate-variability-and-extremes/ Under the leadership of Professor Eleanor Fisher at the Nordic Africa Institute, and working with project leaders and team members in international institutions, you will be responsible for: 

  • Facilitating the integration of a framework on social equity in ClimBeR.
  • Working closely with social equity and gender specialists to address social dynamics of vulnerability and resilience building.
  • Developing and documenting ‘stories of change’ within ClimBeR (combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies).
  • Contributing to the production of academic and policy outputs.
  • Working with ClimBeR specialists on policy communication around social equity, with special attention to policy engagement in the African project countries and the Nordic region.

This is a full-time research position for a period of two years. You will be based in Uppsala, Sweden, with periodic short-term travel to selected ClimBeR countries (Kenya, Zambia, Senegal, Morocco, Guatemala, Philippines). You are expected to run your duties independently and you have the freedom to develop your ideas within the overall framework of the project but under the supervision of Professor Fisher.