Op-ed in Dagen Debatt by Fredrik Söderbaum, Jesper Sundewall and Janet Vähämäki from SweDev

May 15, 2023

There are gaps and weaknesses in the aid reform agenda, write Fredrik Söderbaum, Jesper Sundewall and Janet Vähämäki.

Photo: Abhishek Pawar / Unsplash

Gaps and weaknesses in the aid reform agenda

Since Forsell and Brunegård in many ways repeat key words that have long existed in aid, they should make credible how and why the new aid policy will be more than their predecessors, write SweDev chair Fredrik Söderbaum, vice chair Jesper Sundewall and programme director Janet Vähämäki.

Johan Forssell (M) and Gudrun Brunegård (KD) present some main features and priorities in the reform agenda for Swedish aid policy in Dagen Debatt, 4/5. Since the role of Swedish civil society in aid has been aggravated by the cuts of the information and communication grant, it is positive that Forssell/Brunegård state that civil society actors are actually central to Swedish aid. In view of the sharp cuts in aid’s research grants, it would likewise be desirable for the government to clarify how they see the role of researchers and research in aid going forward.

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