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New EADI Reflection Paper on Decolonising Knowledge for Development

March 6, 2024
Photo: Jessica Ruscello / Unsplash

This is a summary of a post first published on the website of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI).

The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) has recently published a reflection paper titled “Reflections on Decolonising Knowledge for Development: An invitation to an EADI conversation”. The paper sketches some of the key debates related to Development Studies and decoloniality across different time periods and highlights guiding questions for reflections and potential actions on these issues.

“So, is Development Studies a neo-colonial endeavour, an anti-colonial endeavour, or a shifting, transforming and, sometimes, perplexing combination of both? How does this inform how, and under which contexts, development is pursued? And what are the implications for EADI’s engagement in efforts to decolonise knowledge for development?” Taking these questions as a starting point, the paper reflects on different possible actions for EADI to decolonize knowledge without reproducing it in the context of a “pluriverse” of debates and viewpoints. The paper outlines four guiding questions related to “whose knowledge is valued and integrated into development processes”, decoloniality and knowledge-asymmetries in research, the need for investment to promote decolonizing knowledge, and the respective role of organisations, institutions, and individuals in this process.

The reflection paper is an invitation for contributions and reflections around the topic and the ideas and actions discussed and encourages wider discussions.