The State of Open Data Roundtables

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Date: November 2, 2022 - November 4, 2022
Date: November 2, 2022
All-day event
Start date: November 2, 2022
End date: November 4, 2022
Event summary: A series of roundtables taking place between November 2-4 to gather perspectives regarding the use and impact of open data. Register now!

Data for Development Network (D4D) organises a series of roundtables taking on 2-4 November gathering perspectives regarding the use and impact of open data. For this purpose, experts will come together to discuss recent developments in education (1), agriculture (2), corporate ownership (3), land ownership (4) and crime and justice (5).


It has been ten years since open data first entered the world stage. Over the past decade, thousands of programmes and projects around the world have worked to open up data and use it to address a wide range of social and economic challenges.

In the meantime, issues related to data rights and privacy have moved to the centre of public and political discourse. While the Open Data movement is entering a new phase of its development, focusing on real-world problems and embedding the Open Data idea in other existing or emerging communities of practice, big questions remain. How will Open Data initiatives respond to new concerns about privacy, integration and artificial intelligence? And what can we learn from the last decade to make a difference where it is most needed?


1. Education (2/11, 13:00 GMT): Javiera Atenas, Principal Researcher, ILDA

2. Agriculture (3/11, 13:00 GMT): Martin Parr, Director, Data Policy & Practice, Digital Development, CABI

3. Corporate ownership (3/11, 15:00 GMT): Louise Russell-Prywata, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Open Ownership

4. Land ownership (4/11, 13:00 GMT): Laura Meggiolaro, Team Leader, Land Portal Foundation

5. Crime and justice (4/11, 15:00 GMT): Sandra Elena, Coordinator, International Network for Open Justice (RIJA)


Online on Zoom.

About D4D

D4D.net is a global research alliance that works to strengthen collaboration across a broad network of stakeholders by developing and mobilizing the knowledge needed to advance the responsible use of data to address critical development challenges across the Global South.