The future of development finance: financing a post-pandemic world

Photo: Wall street. Unsplash / Jeffrey Blum

Date: November 2, 2021
Date: November 2, 2021
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: Zoom
Start date: November 2, 2021
Institution: Devex
Event summary: An event about the future of development finance in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and other political challenges.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the global financing picture by exacerbating needs and challenges. While countries focus on financing relief efforts and rebuilding their economies, aid budget cuts and policy restrictions at multilateral agencies threaten the speed and flexibility of a coordinated response.

In addition, a mounting number of other challenges around the world — from climate change to the collapse of the Afghan government — will be costly to address and may compete for a limited pool of funding.

The pandemic, meanwhile, seems to have accelerated an interest in sustainable investing, including environmental, social, and governance bonds. How can these trends be harnessed to maximize impact? And will they truly change the way the private sector operates? Many questions remain about how various parts of the development finance ecosystem can best mobilize additional funding and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

For the third year in a row, Devex invites you to join development finance institutions, aid agencies, finance experts, international NGOs, corporate leaders, and investors for a day of conversations about the future of development finance.


  • Faheen Allibhoy, Managing Director, Development Finance Institution, JP Morgan
  • Dr. Amal-Lee Amin, Climate Change Director, CDC Group
  • Sir Ronald Cohen, Chairman, Global Steering Group for Impact Investment
  • Saliem Fakir, Executive Director, African Climate Foundation
  • Werner Hoyer, President, European Investment Bank
  • Lori Kerr, Chief Executive Officer, FinDev Canada
  • Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, New Development Bank
  • Marcos Neto, Director of the Finance Sector Hub, UNDP
  • Christian Novak, CEO Delphos International – FMA
  • Ruth Richardson, Executive Director, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

Note! this event will include live captioning as well as French and Spanish interpretation.