Low-carbon development in Africa: How to visually create impact

Hydro power solutions in Lesotho, South Africa. Photo: Yolanda Van Niekerk / Getty Images Plus.

Date: April 7, 2022
Date: April 7, 2022
Time: 13:00
Start date: April 7, 2022
Event summary: Join this dialogue on development by SweDev and SEI.

The dialogues on development research are organized by the Swedish Development Research Network (SweDev) and the Development and Aid Policy Team at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). The aim of the Dialogues on development research is to spread findings of development research by creating a learning space where researchers can share their work in an informal and easily accessed setting. The dialogue series are targeting researchers, practitioners and policymakers within the development research area.

Animated videos on renewable energy and dams

In the first dialogue, Coralie Legrand will showcase two animated videos that she is co-creating together with SEI’s Matthew Osborne for ‘Low-carbon development in East Africa’ to support the research in its goal to reach practitioners in the renewable energy space.

The first video explains how the flood recession farming technique is being impacted by renewable energy through large dams. The second video takes an overall perspective on the research project and focuses on the hidden costs of renewable energy. Additionally, she will also talk about a few other projects she created outside of SEI.


Coralie Legrand is a freelance motion designer and illustrator from Brussels, Belgium. Coralie uses storytelling and visual communication to break down complexity into digestible content to help create a wider impact with scientific research. Coralie will talk about the added value of design, illustration and animation in communication tools. Her focus is on projects on sustainability, science communication and social impact. Coralie creates animated content and visual communication tools through storytelling and design to help deliver a message to raise awareness, inform or educate.


13.00 Welcome remarks
Janet Vähämäki, Director of SweDev and Development and Aid Policy team leader at SEI

13.05 Introduction
Matthew Osborne, Research Fellow, SEI

13.10 Low-carbon development in East Africa: How to visually create impact by Coralie Legrand.

13.40 Audience questions to the keynote speaker
Moderated by Matthew Osborne, Research Fellow at SEI and Ylva Rylander, Communications Officer at SEI and SweDev

13.55 Concluding remarks
Janet Vähämäki, Director of SweDev and Development and Aid Policy team leader at SEI