Sweden’s aid to Afghanistan – what are the lessons learned?

Photo: Unsplash / Sohaib Ghyasi

Date: August 31, 2021
Date: August 31, 2021
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: Digital
Start date: August 31, 2021
Institution: The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA)

Welcome to a webinar arranged by the Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA)

Following the Taliban takeover of Kabul, Afghanistan and the Afghan people have come up against a new and dire situation. In this moment, it is crucial to reflect upon the results of a long history of Swedish aid to the country. Afghanistan has for many years been the largest recipient of Swedish aid, but has this aid been able to help the Afghan people? What are key takeaways for the future now that we are entering a new phase in which Swedish aid will most likely have to take different forms? And how can the Afghan experience inform Swedish development cooperation in other challenging environments?

This web seminar launches the EBA Working Paper Punching Above Its Weight or Running With the Crowd? Lessons From Sweden’s Development Cooperation With Afghanistan, 2002–2020. The paper is authored by Adam Pain, a researcher and evaluator with long-standing experience working on and in Afghanistan. It features the most extensive analysis of evaluations of Swedish aid initiatives in the country so far.

During this seminar the author will introduce the report and we will discuss questions such as: Has Swedish aid to Afghanistan attained its goals? Have Swedish interventions contributed to increased gender equality, democratic development, and human rights? Did Swedish aid contribute to strengthening the Afghan state? What are the most important takeaways for Sweden as a donor? How should Sweden act moving forward given the current situation in Afghanistan?


  • 14.30 – Welcome
  • Presentation of the report
  • Conversation moderated by Johan Schaar
  • Questions from the audience
  • 16.00 – End


Adam Pain, report author

Moderator: Johan Schaar, vice chair EBA

More participants will be added

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