Planetary health: the role of marine ecosystems

Photo: Francesco Ungaro / Unsplash

Date: August 22, 2022
Date: August 22, 2022
Time: 11:00
Start date: August 22, 2022
Event summary: SweDev organises a session at the DevRes conference 2022.

Coastal areas are home to both diverse species and ecosystems as well as sources of people’s livelihoods. They provide vital ecosystem services and important elements needed to tackle rising temperatures and climate change, and support people’s access to food, energy and water. However, increased human pressure and urban development along coastal regions might threaten marine ecosystems with consequences on the climate, environment – and human well-being.

The session invites researchers and policymakers to discuss a policy dilemma related to coastal ecosystems, and reflect upon how this is dealt with in policy and practice working with the 2030 Agenda.

The session asks:

  • What tools do we have to sustainably manage coastal zones, and what does current research say about this?
  • In which ways can research influence governance of coastal areas that are sustainable for both people and the planet?
  • What resources and processes are needed for this to happen?
  • Which factors hinder sustainable governance of coastal areas?


  • Mats Björk, Stockholm University, Sweden (chair)
  • Martin Gullström, Södertörn University, Sweden
  • Linus Hammar, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Sweden
  • Inger Näslund, World Wide Fund for Nature, Sweden


The event is held online and in Uppsala.
The event is part of the DevRes Conference 2022. All participants must be registered to the conference.