LUCSUS seminars – Spring 2022 “Connecting the Local and the Global”

Photo: Unsplash / Azzedine Rouichi

Date: January 27, 2022
Date: January 27, 2022
Time: 11:00
Start date: January 27, 2022
Event summary: "Connecting the Local and the Global" LUCSUS Spring 2022 Seminars. First talk: Martina Angela Caretta.

A new series of LUCSUS Seminars at Lund University

Issues ranging from climate change and pandemics to finance and digitalization often evoke notions of ‘the global’. Yet, though global, these processes are always grounded in the local; emerging from, having impact on, and transformed by concrete local contexts and experiences. Connecting the global with the local is central to LUCSUS research and teaching. With this seminar series, we zoom in on the situated experiences, follow the connections, and tease out the relations that link local with the global.

The seminar series covers topics ranging from climate justice, activism, and decolonization, to governance, health, and digitalization. The LUCSUS seminars are open for the public, held online and take place Thursdays from 11am to 12 noon. We are looking forwards to seeing you!

First Seminar – “Climate induced hydrological impacts on Indigenous Peoples”

Anchored in the understanding that there are substantial ontological differences between Western positivistic knowledge and Indigenous knowledge, in her talk Dr Caretta will outline existing evidence on climate-induced hydrological impacts on Indigenous Peoples. She will then present the emerging results of a systematic review of Indigenous knowledge-led adaptation in the water sector.


Dr Martina Angela Caretta is a Senior Lecturer at the Dept of Human Geography at Lund University, Sweden. She holds a PhD in Geography from Stockholm University. She is the Coordinating Lead Author of the “Water” Chapter in the forthcoming (March 2022) WGII IPCC 7th Assessment Report. She is a feminist geographer with expertise in water, climate change adaptation, gender and participatory methodologies. She has carried out extensive fieldwork in East Africa, Latin America and Appalachia. Her work has been published in Gender, Place and Culture; Annals of the AAG, Climate & Development, Frontiers Water, Qualitative Research among others.

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