LARRI webinar on land use governance and conflicts in Sápmi

Photo: Unsplash / Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

Date: March 16, 2022
Date: March 16, 2022
Time: 13:15
Start date: March 16, 2022
Event summary: New Land Rights Research Initiative (LARRI)'s webinar on what can we learn from a rights-based approach

The LARRI platform launches a new webinar entitled “Land use governance and conflicts in Sápmi -what can we learn from a rights-based approach”.

Sápmi, the homeland of the Indigenous Sami, is currently at the frontline of multiple heated conflicts over access to and use of land and resources in Sweden. Forestry, mining, wind farming, tourism developments and other land uses are encroaching on traditional Sami lands and livelihoods. Coupled with the impacts of climate change, the practice and future of Sami reindeer herding is becoming increasingly challenged. Meanwhile, Sami’s rights to land remain poorly institutionalized and lack recognition in current land-use governance. A rights-based approach can contribute to a better understanding of what Sami land rights entail and how land-use conflicts could be addressed in practice.

These and related issues are discussed by Annette Löf and Malin Brännström, researchers at the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) and INSARC/Umeå University respectively. They specialize in Sami land rights and land-use governance in a Northern context. The presentation draws on an ongoing research collaboration funded by Mistra and will offer empirical examples from forestry-reindeer herding interactions and dialogue-based tools in land use planning.

Moderator: Lasse Krantz


The LARRI (Land Rights Research Initiative) LARRI initiative is hosted by the Human Geography Unit at the University of Gothenburg. The Land Rights Research Initiative (LARRI) is an initiative hosted by the Unit of Human Geography, Department of Economy and Society at the University of Gothenburg. The initiative was launched in 2012 and is meant as a platform for discussion, exchange of ideas and information as well as for promoting collaboration among researchers, students and other actors interested in land rights issues from a poverty and development perspective in a context of global change.

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