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Doctoral student in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on sustainable seafood

January 4, 2022

New PhD opportunity at the School of Global Studies.

Student Photo: Unsplash / LinkedIn Sales Solutions.


15 February 2022. Decisions on the shortlist will be made by April and final decisions in May 2022.

Job description

The project examines sustainable seafood’s role and future potential in Swedish rural development. Nordic consumers are increasingly rejecting industrial, corporate-owned food in favour of fresh, locally-produced items with a distinctive “taste of place” procured in face-to-face relationships, while the EU and Swedish government have endorsed a new rural development that supports artisanal production and multifunctional enterprise. “Sustainable seafood” studies how Swedish coastal fishers and locally-landed fish are included in place-based food initiatives and multifunctional entrepreneurship, and how to strengthen their future contributions to sustainable rural development. The PhD student will participate in a work package that investigates the social traits characterizing successful fish relocalisation and multifunctional fishing enterprises in rural coastal communities by conducting long-term participant observation in a single coastal community for 12 months.

The purpose of undertaking doctoral studies is to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for conducting independent research within the field of Environmental Social Science. The doctoral studies comprise one year of coursework and three years of research, culminating in the production of a dissertation that makes a significant and original contribution to the research field. The knowledge and skills that are acquired during the studies should be applicable to postdoctoral research or other professional work. The position is salaried and covers four years (full-time equivalent, fixed term), beginning in August 2022. The doctoral candidate may undertake departmental duties corresponding to up to 20% of a full-time position, in which case the duration of the appointment will be extended accordingly. There are no tuition fees.

School of Global Studies

Environmental social science (ESS) at the School of Global Studies is a new and growing interdisciplinary subject that explores questions related to environmental change and unsustainable natural resource use in the context of both the global north and south. The overarching aim of ESS is to contribute to an increased understanding of complex environmental problems through the application and development of social science theory and methodology. Currently, the 20 researchers within the ESS group are addressing a broad range of themes, including environmental governance and policy, sustainable development, green growth, environmental justice, traditional ecological knowledge, environmental education, political ecology, environmental conflicts, and marine resource use.