Call for proposals on research programme: Biodiversity and the financial system

November 3, 2021

A call from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, to address an alignment of biodiversity’s needs with the financial system.

Photo: Rainforest, Costa Risa. Unsplash / Alenka Skvarc

Deadline: 20 December

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra) invites research groups, jointly with the finance industry, other businesses, civil society organizations, the public sector and other stakeholders, to submit proposals for a new research programme. The purpose of the call is to investigate how research and innovation can support the alignment of biodiversity’s needs with the financial system. In line with Mistra’s statutes, the research programme shall be of strategic environmental importance.

The aim of the call is to overcome critical research gaps impeding the alignment of the financial system with the needs of biodiversity. The current research programme should focus on strategic environmental issues related to biodiversity, the financial system and relevant policy development. Transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaborations, including natural sciences, computer sciences, social sciences and the humanities are encouraged.

The call addresses research groups in all academic disciplines working at higher education institutions and research institutes, as well as stakeholders such as the financial sector and other businesses, civil society organisations and the public sector.  Researchers and organisations active outside Sweden may participate, but the principal applicant and planned programme host must be a Swedish institution.