Conference calls

Submit a speed-talk to the Focali annual meeting

October 18, 2022

Focali invites for talks to the Focali annual meeting #Focali2022.

Photo: Boudhayan Bardhan / Unsplash

The main day of the Focali annual meeting 1st of December will include talk-sessions that provide an opportunity for you to share your research and work that could be of interest to the Focali network and wider community of partners and friends that we encourage to participate. The overall theme for the annual meeting is “research for impact in policy and practice – how to translate science into policy and practice that can make a difference for nature and people?”

This is the first in-person annual meeting since the memorable Focali 10-year anniversary meeting held 2019. After many online meetings we now encourage in-person participation for this annual meeting to keep up the vibrant discussions across disciplines and sectors on interlinked challenges, for networking and not the least to have fun together during the day, dinner, and optional workshops the day after the main conference day. In this call for talks in-person presentations will thus be prioritized while we still provide space for talks from partners and friends within our global networks that would not be able to attend in-person.

Below and via the questions in the call you can see what we are looking for.

Timeline for submission and selection

  • Deadline to submit talk, November 1st
  • Process of selection by the planning team
  • Notification to selected speakers, November 9th
  • Deadline for sharing final title for program, November 16th
  • Deadline for sharing final PPT if any, November 28th
  • Focali annual meeting main day, December 1st

Requirements on speed-talks

  • Maximum 5-6 min long and no more than 5 PPT slides or photos.
  • The presentations should be of relevance to the Focali focus area on linked issues such as forests, land use, climate, biodiversity, food systems and related global governance, livelihood, development and rights issues.
  • The presentations should primarily focus on the global south/ tropical forest regions and/or global connectivity/policy within our thematic area (Focali geographical focus).
  • The speed-talks should be easy to follow for people outside your academic discipline or sector so keep this in mind when you prepare your talk, key messages and PPT slides.

How to submit

Submit your speed-talk through the link below, including:

  • Talk title
  • Your name
  • Your affiliation
  • Few sentence mini-abstract (max 150 words)
  • Geographic area of relevance (if applicable)
  • In addition to this information you are kindly asked to indicate what kind of presentation it will be, what themes it is linked to and if you would like to present in person or via zoom via the options in the form.